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Dubai in the eyes of a cartoon artist

Blog, March 16, 2015

This article is about how one can combine marketing, art and popular culture to create an explosive advertising campaign. Art and pop culture can add zing to a website banner and interface design. On the first picture you can see Dubai in the eyes of a cartoon artist.

How would fourteen of the world’s most energetic capitals look if you asked a cartoonist to put everything that symbolizes them into one complex mind-blowing image? Dive in all the amazingly motley pictures, and see if you can spot the hidden passenger. If your heart skipped a beat the first time you saw it, because it reminded you of your childhood games and tricks, then marketing is working!

German airline Lufthansa has organized a campaign that depicts pictures of fourteen different places their clients travel most often to, created by artists of each corresponding country. The name of the work is ‘”Passengers on tour”’ and each picture is a ‘”hidden something” cartoon’ depicting stylized symbols of the local culture, well-known landmarks, fauna, and so on.

In the middle of all the hustle in each picture, an airline passenger is lurking, holding a luggage with the company’s logo and the mission is for you to spot them. It’s a lot like searching for Wally in the Where’s Wally?(or Waldo). Perhaps you can recall the time when you sat and looked at such pictures immersing yourself in a story through art. Hours passed and you still pored over a challenging picture to finally quit it, only to have his silhouette practically reappear on the page when you return to it after some rest?

Here is a tribute to Dubai. The cartoon image is stuffed with things that reflect UAE culture, from big malls full of tourists to folk craft palm trees and a few burka-clothed women. How many hints can you spot? And where is that teasing passenger?


lufthansa-passangers_on_tour-dubai (3)









▼ Hong Kong






▼ London


▼ Mexico City


▼ Montreal


▼ Moscow


▼ New York City


▼ Paris

Lufthansa Paris FIN wipai

▼ Beijing


▼ Rio de Janeiro



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