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Social media strategy that does work

Blog, March 02, 2015

Social media strategy: Why everybody needs one

Social media is undoubtedly a fantastic marketing tool that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore, however this is only the case if it is used in the right way. Sadly most businesses get social media completely wrong and often approach it in a rather haphazard fashion. This leads to them not generating the results that they expect – and it’s all because they don’t have a solid social media strategy.

What is a social media strategy?

Essentially a social media strategy is an action plan of how you are going to market yourself through social media. It will include things like what social media networks you are going to specifically target, what content you are going to publish and how you plan to build an audience and achieve strong levels of user engagement.

Ideally a social media strategy will be drawn up before you start using social media, however if you are already using it and aren’t getting the results you were looking for then it’s time to draw one up now. Either way, you could consider using our service here.

What is included in a social media strategy?

One of the first considerations is deciding on the social media sites that you are going to use. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different social media platforms and thus it is important to find out where your audience hangs out so that you can target those places. It is usually a mistake to try and go for “all” of them. A much better idea is to concentrate your efforts on two or three different sites.

Another key part of a social media strategy is deciding on the content that you are going to publish. One of the cornerstones of success with social media is using it to share high quality content that will engage your target audience, so it is essential to make a plan that ensures that your content will help you to achieve this goal.

Once you’ve decided where and what you are going to publish then it will be time to start taking action. Seeing results from social media requires a long-term strategy and a consistent approach. It is no use creating a Facebook profile, posting to it three times and then leaving it at that. A good social media strategy will help to keep you on track and ensure that you use social media in the right ways and that you publish high quality posts on a regular basis. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that posting to social media once every month is enough. The reality is that your audience will probably forget about you if you take this approach!

Creating a social media strategy

So – you now know what a social media strategy is and you know why you need to create one. So, it’s time to get going. Why not consider using our Social Media Marketing Strategy Development Service? You will receive clear in-depth instructions for your website’s effective social promotion.