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Space themes in Web design (a compilation of the best themes)

Blog, February 12, 2015

Today, if you start browsing the internet, sooner or later you bump across one or two space theme websites. Sometimes the space theme is relevant for a website, sometimes it is used just to show off a design. This approach is not always worth it. However, I have come across a lot of interesting solutions, which I would like to include in this comprehensive review and share with you.

An outerspace theme is a very broad subject and liked by a lot of people with different interests: science geeks, designers and psycholgists. So, do not be offended, if I forget mentioning your favourite website or web design aspects. If you have some suggestions, I will be glad to receive links, which I can add to my blog. Welcome!

Interactive animated 3d-models

Let’s start with 3d-models of the solar system. They serve as a fantastic interactive learning material for the space geeks. If you have links to something similar, please add in the comments!

solar 1



+ Bonus Experimental CSS3 Solar System

Nominations in categories

The most original space web-service prosto.name

It is quite a bold solution for a corporative website by a company that registers domain names.

The most cosmic advertising campaign axeapollo.com

Here you can see a nice surprise from axe.ua (Ukrainian localization). In my opinion, it is far cuter than the original.
(But the campaign has already come to an end, and redirect from the links will get you on the page with different promotional content)


The greatest record-breaking jump redbullstratos.com (scroll-jump)

The most American flight to the moon wechoosethemoon.org

The best space project by a charismatic entrepreneur virgingalactic.com


The most precisely measured distance between the Earth and Mars (in pixels) distancetomars.com


The most original design of the space by «Alfa-Bank»


The most revengeful cows wallpapers.dominion.ru/#11


A fascinating timeline-flight — intacto10years.com
(The most fashionable Parallax-trend – a successful example)

A space odyssey by a Viget team— teamviget.com


(A cool example of a horizontal Parallax effect)


12.12.12 — a page of a TEDx event


www.votaw.com a manufacturing corporation of space-related stuff


worldofmerix.com a cute map of company branches


lostworldsfairs.com/moon — an experimental demo project (Web Open Font Format)

5555555555www.geocodearth.com/#/timeline — a geo-location photo project (also experimental)


spaceotechnologies.us – a website of a USA studio

www.bei.ro/blog — a Romanian studio’s blog


www.cosmos.lg.ua — a Lugansk shopping center «Cosmos»


caelus — a wordpress theme


osc4.template-help.com/joomla_27694 — a joomla theme

spaceart.org — space art stuff

jpl.nasa.gov/infographics — space infographics


spaceplace.nasa.gov — NASA spaceplace (for kids)

www.eveonline.com — a computer game with a lot of fun content


space.klm.com — a competition in which you have to guess the coordinates of aero-bubble bursts (launched on 22th of April)

A winner gets a free space-flight (on Lynx). Or you can choose an easy solution and buy a flight for 95K.

whoision.com — whoision app

esquire.ru/newswars/ —news wars


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