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The first Arabic anime Torkaizer was made in UAE

Blog, March 13, 2015

Finally! Non-Japanese Arabic anime! The first Arabic anime Torkaizer was made in UAE.

Over the time, several distinct sub-genres of Japanese animation have been developed. The source of inspiration were the multiplying light novels and manga books. No doubt, this is fantastic, but there is the feeling that the once-favored era of giant robot war is vanishing right before the eyes.

Although Gundam is still loved by its die-hard fans and Evangelion has made a recent reappearance, Japanese giant robot anime does not surprise its fans with new and fresh things anymore. Abu Dhabi-based company Torkaizer offered a new perspective on a cult genre, an Arabic story in anime world.

In the beginning of Torkaizer, a young Arabic man named Ahmed during the visit in Tokyo gets involved in an extraterrestrial invasion (which, as we all know, is a common occurrence in Tokyo). Afterwards, Ahmed stumbles upon the giant mech Torkaizer and takes it upon himself to employ it to help the world resist the intruders.

Since its debut at the MEF Comic-Con in Dubai, the promotion video for TorkaizIer has enamored Japanese participants and drawn reactions such as:

“This is really cool robot anime”!
“Fantastic! Please show this in Japan. We would also like to see some anime story that is staged entirely in the Middle East too if you can. It is interesting to see robot action in exotic cities like yours!”

As a matter of fact, quite a few Japanese fans were won over by the fact that Tokyo was chosen for background of the story. However, they also expressed their wish to see an Arabic anime in an Arabic setting which could bring a new angle on a time-honored classic.

From the stylistic point of view, it was done in the best Japanese traditions. The viewers compared it to Evangelion and Kotetsu no Hanappashira. Some people were reminded of Zone of Enders by the trailer. The twist is giving the story an one of a kind cross-cultural perspective.

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