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What Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games

Blog, March 16, 2015

Games are getting more like websites, and websites are getting more like games. The game principle acts upon the psychology of motivation and entertainment and thus enforces involvement. Actually web developers/designers can get a lot of useful information from observing and analyzing video game structural elements. Websites that use available game interface techniques can consolidate the user experience and add unique features. This can generate more leads and money and win die-hard fans! If you need evidence, look at the following implementation of the cult Super Mario game integration into a webdesign interface.

The festival Concetto developed a Super Mario Bros. charming website. The site, which contains information about one of India’s biggest (presumably) IT events, is programmed entirely around the original Super Mario Bros design, with various website structural elements that can be accessed by jumping down green pipes or hitting question blocks.

Once visitors enter the site, they get several simple instructions about how to manage Mario, before being suddenly pushed into the virtual world. In Concetto’s game analogue of the Super Mario world, characters do not die. Enemies continuously multiply; bumping into antagonists has no effect whatsoever, and each time Mario falls to his doom he reappears completely unhurt at the top of the screen.

These somewhat irksome differences aside, the images, music and animations are taken directly out of the original Super Mario Bros. game. This raises the question how all this can exist without copyrights infringement and succeeds to be incredibly alluring and – as is the essence of the event itself – inspiring. The most enticing feature is the past memories photo panel at the end of the level; which picture can be altered by jumping and hitting the website element next to it.


How long this insolent adoption of the cult game will stay up is unclear. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth mentioning, if only for the sake of pixels graphic nostalgia. This approach is very well suited for short-term projects to attract people on the site and get them familiar with the company that organizes the event.


Regarding interaction interfaces, a web designer should to be keenly aware of their project’s theme and goal and their customer’s wishes. Undoubtedly, a website will often, though not always, have a goal that does not coincide with that of a video game. In most cases efficiency is considered to be more important than a fun way to kill time. An entertaining UI is not the most reasonable solution for a website devoted to providing tax information quickly or for a government. It is not so good fot serious websites, in which case content and long-term reputation is more important than design and buzz around it, for example news or finance. But, you may beg to differ and create something astoundingly grave and cute at the same time.




Are you creating a webdesign for an organization which goal is a charity or fundraising? Consider adopting an amazing game feature such as leaderboards to follow and show the donations statistics. You could use leaderboards to give a shout out to your most influential 10 visitors on your blog, providing a bigger incentive to participate.

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Source: Hachimakiko

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