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Why marketing outsourcing is a good option for busy companies?

Blog, April 16, 2015

Who can outsource your marketing?

How effective and efficient are your present marketing specialists? Are you too busy to do marketing yourself? A big percentage of businesses are finding out that outsourcing marketing responsibilities can be useful.

Before taking a final decision whether one needs to get one’s hands off an entire marketing strategy, a percentage of it, or none at all, one has to really analyze the business model and its potential.

Core competency is a well-known business concept that is getting more and more discussed recently. It is closely related to outsourcing. The latter is the option that companies are opting for when determine to focus on a core competency more intensively and let outsiders run other business functions after the careful research of internal operations. One such company that promises to provide great-quality digital marketing services if the digital marketing agency Digital Services in Dubai. It has long-standing reputation for the low-cost marketing outsourcing in the region.

If you are in just kicking off a new product or entering a new regional market, by a long shot it is a sign of more foresight to continue doing what you are successful at and relocating more resources on not-so-successful operations or getting them outsourced. Your core competency is your shield and sword. Your unsuccessful operations are your sore thumb that sticks out and damages your healthy reputation.

Outsourcing allows you more choice and flexibility. If you’re a guru at developing a product, then let it be your focal point. This simple method will allow you to outpace your competitors in the field or if you are already at the top to ensure that you stay there as long as possible.  If there are things that you or your marketing team are competent at or not passionate enough to do it excellently, find out people who will do it. Here are all the services’ categories that our devoted team of freelancers is ready to do for you:

If you are still not completely sure that outsourcing is the best option in your case, first, answer the question: Personally, why are you hesitating to take on a freelancer or outsourcing company? Is it because you are afraid to lose control of operations or instability? Is it the price that worries you? Maybe you are worried about their skills and experience? Let your fears aside and give outsourcing a try. If you have tried, at least once, to hire an entire team in-house, you must be aware how stressful it is to “run the asylum”: those exhausting job interviews, health insurance issues, dealing with office romance and water-cooler gossips, racism etc.

Do you know that nowadays it is extremely challenging to allure and keep the best world specialists at your company. They may have other plans to do: go abroad, travel or leaving the office forever for the countryside. But, more-often-than-not while out there they are still working, sometimes even more efficiently than at the office. Top specialists who know their own price and understand why headhunters are hunting for them, value freedom more than anything.

It was before that employees wanted power at the office: having people doing coffee for them or running their petty errands. Now more and more people want freedom to work where they want or how they want. When you are in partnership with freelancers you do not have to provide job perks or health-insurance. It is nearly impossible to tie people to the office. If you are a newer company that can not afford employing people long-term, try not to expand the office too quickly, because otherwise you risk increasing fixed costs and getting bankrupt. Employing freelancers is more flexible and the costs can be cut in urgent situations very quickly.

To outsource marketing is becoming a common practice just like the leading outsourcing industries: IT, accounting and call centers.

Where to go for outsourcing?

There are three options. You can get in touch with your former employees that unfortunately left you and ask if they can do some freelance work. You can go to freelance platforms like oDesk, Freelancer, but you have to look for freelancers one by one for each function, which is time consuming. Another option is to get in touch with an outsourcing company that will make sure that all services are performed by the already established outsourcing team. Multitasking is a must here. An agency that can ensure great marketing across marketing channels is the recommended option for companies.

Choosing our freelancer team you can spare recruiting time, training time, and expenses of full-time staff, while also tapping into the expertise of the most committed professionals. Explore digital with Digital Services.